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I would like to influence this world for equality in all aspects.Barbara: It is always a great honor to be recognized for something you love doing; everybody loves a compliment!" extending the same warm-heartedness of Sandra's video presence that made the implications of her case ever more precarious. Creating a piece that simulates conversation with a living individual recontextualizes the legacy of Sandra Bland.

Sandy Speaks is a monument that is not stagnant, but rather an active and learning system that maintains what Sandra set out to perform.

The absence of surveillance footage in the 90 minutes prior to the discovery of Sandra's body highlights the contradiction of the state's interest in heightened surveillance measures. As such it represents the beginning of a larger conversation between the public and law enforcement.

Sophisticated technologies may be implemented in an effort to proliferate documentation of police behavior, but ultimately this footage is within the control of those who seek to protect their own interests. The beginning of the conversation won't be smooth, but rather awkward, because society is still learning the kinds of questions it should be asking and what level of transparency it is entitled to demand. is a New York-based artist who makes work in the form of texts, videos and performances about culture and technology in America.

Like anyone that was horrified by the way Sandra Bland was treated, I tried to piece together what actually happened, who Sandra was and what role law enforcement played in her death. They have exhibited art internationally at UNPAINTED Lab 3.0 Munich and have published writing in The New Inquiry and New Criticals.

Thinking about how to frame a work around her transition from hypervisibility during her arrest to tragic invisibility at her time of death I imagined what Sandra would have said during her time in jail had she been granted a level of exposure similar to that which was applied to her encounter with the police.

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